So You’re Engaged….Now What?!

Its summer time, and along with the nice weather comes romantic proposals. Maybe it happened on the top of a mountain, at dusk on the beach, or at your favorite spot. You share the exciting news with your friends and family, and as soon as you do, the questions start coming…. Have you picked a wedding date? Do you have a venue booked? Who’s in your bridal party? Will the wedding be in town? And that is when the stress kicks in, but don’t worry! I’m here to help you figure out what to do first…

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Decide on the size of your wedding.

Have you pictured your wedding to be intimate and romantic, or a big party with all your extended family and friends? Or maybe its somewhere in-between? Guesstimate the average number of guests; it may help to write out a quick list.

Create a budget.

The average wedding in Canada costs $31,685. Just because this is the average, does not mean that you need to go into debt to get married. Check with your fiancé, your parents and your fiancé’s parents, to see what they’re willing to contribute to the grand affair. Once you have that number, try and break it down into what you expect to spend on each category. Food and beverage usually take up 50% of this cost, and then there is flowers, music, attire, décor, etc. Do your best to do an initial breakdown.

PS. The easiest way to cut costs for a wedding is to keep your guest list small.

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Think about the feels of your wedding.

So you’re asking, what does that mean exactly? Are you thinking romantic, relaxed and elegant, rustic and earthy, or pretty and chic? These “feels” will help determine a lot of other decisions you will be making in the future, including the venue…which brings me to my next point.

Look for a venue.

Once you have the number of expected guests, your budget, plus the feels of your wedding, it is important to search for a venue. Venues can be fully booked anywhere from 6 months to 2 years prior, so the sooner you look, the more options you have.

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These are the four biggest “to-dos” once you get engaged. But do enjoy being engaged, people so often get caught up with the wedding to-dos that they forget to be in the moment with their new fiancé/fiancée. At any time in the wedding planning process is a good time to hire a wedding coordinator. A coordinator will help you stay on track, know the best vendors and deals in the industry and take a lot of the stress off you! If you have any questions, shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you!